Odds to Win the World Series

The baseball season is approaching and now is the time to make your futures bet so you can get the best odds possible.

Philadelphia Phillies Odds: +200

The Phillies have the lowest odds before the season to win the Fall Classic at Betonline.com and the main reason is their pitching rotation, which is why they are a solid betting value at +200. They not only have last season’s Cy Young winner in Roy Halladay, but also Roy Oswalt and Cole Hammels AND they signed the prize of the free agent market in Cliff Lee. The Philadelphia offense scored the second mist runs in the NL last season and they will be solid again, but a couple of concerns are the knee issues Chase Utley has had in the off-season and how much they will miss OF slugger Jayson Werth.

Boston Red Sox Odds: +400

The Red Sox have the lowest betting futures odds from the AL to win the World Series at bodog.eu and they have the team to do it, but they have to stay healthy, which they could not do last season. They lost Adrian Beltre, but they offense may be even better this season with the addition of OF Carl Crawford and 1B Adrian Gonzalez. Still, pitching is the key, as Josh Beckett has to stay off the DL and John Lackey has to rebound from a sub-par season.

New York Yankees Odds: +700

The Yankees missed out on signing Cliff Lee and Andy Pettite retired, but New York did pick up C Russell Martin and a couple of past stars in Mark Prior and Erik Chavez. A.J. Burnett was only 10-15 last season with an ERA over 5 and he will have to pitch better this season to help Joba Chamberlain out in the rotation. The Yankees kept their stars of Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter in the fold and while the New York offense should be imposing again, their pitching is the key. Still, the Yankees are stacked and I think they are a good betting value at +700.

San Francisco Giants Odds: +1200

The Cinderella World Series champions did not make many moves in the off- season, but they did sign SS Miguel Tejada and re-sign Pat Burrell. Their offense is not a high scoring one so to repeat they will need clutch hitting and their pitching led by Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain will, once again, have to shoulder the load.

Milwaukee Brewers Odds: +1500

The Brewers have good betting odds and they have the offense, but the pitching has been their problem in the last few years. They signed 2009 Cy Young winner Zack Greinke and he and the talented, but erratic, Yovani Gallardo may be a great 1-2 punch. The Brew Crew also signed Shaun Marcum to be their 3rd starter and he has a career ERA of 3.85.

Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins Odds: +2000

How will the Braves do in their first year without Bobby Cox in the dugout? The Braves have the pitching, as they had the 4th best team ERA last season, but their offense has to improve. They signed 2B Dan Uggla and have emerging superstar Jason Heyward and if Chipper Jones can come back and have a good season the Braves have a shot in the NL East.

The Rangers are the defending AL champs, but they lost Cliff Lee and DH Vlad Guerrero, but landed prize free agent Adrian Beltre. The Rangers can get back to the Series, but without Lee and Vlad and a pitching staff that only had the league’s 10th best team ERA?

The Twins are like the Red Sox, as they have a great team, but they need to stay healthy, which makes them a sketchy betting option. Joe Mauer and Delmon Young are solid in the middle of the lineup, but how will Justin Morneau rebound from his concussion? He is the key, as without him in the lineup last season the Twins struggled. Francisco Liriano is the Ace, but may be headed to New York and while Carl Pavanao had a solid season he is an injury waiting to happen. Still, they have some good young guys and the bullpen is one of the best in the Majors.

Here are the odds to win the World Series at Bodog.eu as of Sept 1.

Philadelphia Phillies 2/1
Boston Red Sox 10/3
New York Yankees 4/1
Milwaukee Brewers 13/2
Atlanta Braves 9/1
Texas Rangers 9/1
Detroit Tigers 14/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 18/1
Los Angeles Angels 30/1
San Francisco Giants 30/1
Chicago White Sox 100/1
Cleveland Indians 100/1
St. Louis Cardinals 150/1
Tampa Bay Rays 150/1

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