Football Betting - How To Bet On NFL Games At Half-Time

Over the past few years halftime betting has become very popular with football bettors. A halftime bet is one that is made at, shocking, halftime and the outcome of the bet will deal with the 2nd half and overtime. Often bettors that want to hedge their bet after they are pretty sure they will lose their original bet make a halftime bet. When you want the 1st half of a game you can see the flow of the game and get a good feeling on how the game may end up. Sure, there are swings in games, but by watching the whole 1st half you can pick up things like how a team is playing both on offense and defense. . A halftime bet allows you bet on the game and you can gain an advantage, as you can get a feeling of the game.

The following is a halftime betting example:

The line for the Packers vs. Redskins has the Skins favored by 7 points with a posted total of 39. The score at halftime between these teams is Redskins 17 Packers 0. You check out the 2nd half line and it is the Bears with a total of 17.

There are a few options you have for your halftime bet. If your original bet was on the Redskins you have the option to:

  • Bet on the Packers at pickem for the 2nd half of the game and if they out-score the Redskins by fewer than 10 points you will be a happy camper since you will win both the best you made. If the Packers out-score the Redskins by more than 10 points you will win the halftime bet, but you will not win your original bet. If the Redskins out-score the Packers you are not happy since you lose the halftime bet as well as your original bet.
  • If you know that the only way that the Redskins will not cover the spread is if the Packers light up the scoreboard, you can take the over bet for the 2nd half. In this case if the Skins can get a field goal then there is not a chance that you will lose both the 2nd half bet or your original bet.
  • Considering that the Redskins have a significant lead heading into the 2nd half you might think that they will run the ball and be careful trying to control the clock. If this is the case you may think you want to take the Under bet for the posted total of 17 for the 2nd half.
Another way that you have to hedge a bet is if the original bet was under a posted total of 39 points. Considering that 17 points was scored in the 1st half and the total of the 2nd half is 17 you can bet the Over and if it is the case where the final score total ends at 35, 36, 37, or 38 both of your bets will be winning ones while making the risk on the juice knowing that one of your wagers will be won.

Some bettors that do not use the halftime bet to hedge bets. There are some bettors that want to see how the game is going before the place a bet and want to wait until the halftime line comes out to do so. This might give you some great betting opportunities if you are a patient bettor and do not force your bets. This is because many books will set a line for the 2nd half to discourage bettors that want to hedge bets. This may give you a great chance for a good value bet on 2nd half ones.

Let's look at an example of this when looking at the line from the above game. However, now the Packers have a 14-7 lead. The 2nd half line is at Redskins -8. If you believe that the Packers will hold onto the lead and win the game you can take the 8 points or if you believe that the Redskins are going to make a comeback in the 2nd half and win the game you can take the Skins minus the 8 points.

One of the main disadvantages of making the halftime bet is that there is not a lot of time to make it and studying the bet is really not possible. However, making a halftime bet can be lucrative for you if you have a good feel for the game and make a good pick.