NFL Betting - How To Bet NFL Money-lines

Betting on the moneyline in the NFL is another way that you can bet on the NFL rather than the typical point spread bet. What the moneline does is take the spread out of the game, as it an odds bet. Since there is no point spread with a moneylines bet you can win a game by only one point or lose it by one point, but the odds of the game will determine the favorite and the payout will depend on the favorite or underdog, as it will be bigger, by betting on the underdog, or smaller, betting on the favorite.

There are some pros and cons to betting NFL moneylines. If a team is favored by 10 points and you bet the moneyline rather than the point spread you have to wager about $380 to win $100, which is not bad for a line where a team is favored by 10 points meaning there is a good chance they will win. However, we all know upsets happen all the time and if you lose this bet it is a big hit. On the flip side, a short underdog, being a term for teams that are underdogs of 2.5 points or less, are solid bets to use the moneylines on. You will not have to give any vig, money to the book, with a moneyline wager, but you will also win more than you put up for the bet. Basically, this means that you can win less than half of your wagers and you will still win money.

Here is an example of an NFL moneyline wager:

Denver Broncos +230
San Diego Chargers -350

If you take the Broncos with this moneylines bet the point spread does not matter, Since there is not a point spread you bet against the odds that the book posts, which is +230. This is a big return for the money that you wager, as a moneylines bet of +230 means you risk $100 for a payout of $230.

If using the above example and you bet on the Chargers you are betting on the -350, which is a bigger risk, but they are big favorites in this game. You will have to wager $350 to win $100.

In looking at the moneylines wager the team with the - in front of the number is the favorite and the number after the - is the amount you have to bet in order to win $100. It is easier to explain it in increments of $100, but you can bet in smaller amounts such as, again using the example above, betting $35 on the Chargers to win $10.

Using a moneylines wager can be a good idea on short underdog or when you think an underdog will win, as you will turn a nice little profit. Big favorites are a little dicey, as even though there is no spread you will lose a good chunk of change if the underdog wins.