NFL Betting - How To Bet NFL Pleasers

A pleaser bet is probably one of the most challenging bets you can make when betting on the NFL. If you win a pleaser bet it can very lucrative, but they are very hard to win.

A pleaser bet is basically the opposite of a teaser bet. If you bet a 6-point teaser you will be taking 6 points off the point spread for the favorite of the game and add 6 points to the underdog. If you decide to play a 2 team pleaser on the Redskins -7 and the Eagles at +3 then the new spread is Redskins -1 and the Eagles +9. This makes is a lot easier to win. In a pleaser bet you will be taking more points rather than giving them. The same 2 teams in a please bet would change the spreads for Redskins -14 and the Eagles -3. You have to keep an eye out and try to look for NFL games where you can beat the line, but ones that you think is off, by say, a TD or more.

There will not be many of these games in the NFL week, but you can find them if you keep your eye out. If you are right with your pick a 2-team 6-point teaser bet would generally pay 1:1, but a 6-point 2-team pleaser bet would net you a solid payout of 6:1. If you are more daring you can bet more games, but the payout is better, as a 3-team pleaser bet increases to 17:1, as compared to only a 1.7:1 payout for a teaser. You want big money? OK, well a 6-team pleaser bet win will net you a sweet 450:1 payout.

You should know that there are not many books that offer pleasers, but if you look for them you will find them. Don't get too hyped up on pleasers because they are very hard to win.

Here is a payout chart for a typical pleaser bet:

7 Point Football Pleaser (ties will be a draw -push)

  • 2 team pleaser 8-1
  • 3 team pleaser 25-1
  • 4 team pleaser 60-1
  • 5 team pleaser 150-1
  • 6 team pleaser 450-1
  • 7 team pleaser 700-1
  • 8 team pleaser 1000-1
  • 9 team pleaser 1350-1
  • 10 team pleaser 1750-1

By checking out the chart above it is not to hard to see that you can win some legit cash, but the bet is hard to win. Making pleaser bets is pretty new and many NFL bettors don't do it so there is not really a lot of strategy when it comes to those types of bets. This may not be the most attractive bet since it is so hard to win, but it is very lucrative if it hits so if you see some cases where a couple or a few teams can take or give some points you may want to take a chance.

Here is an example of what pleaser looks like just looking at 3 spreads in the NFL:

Broncos +2.5
Chargers -2.5

Cardinals +6.5
Colts -6.5

Redskins +4
Cowboys -4

So, you are looking to make a 2 team 7-point please bet that will pay off at 8:1. The lines below are the lines that you will have to choose from:

Broncos -4.5
Chargers -9.5

Cardinals -.5
Colts -13.5

Redskins -3
Cowboys -11

You can see by looking at these lines that the no matter what you choose the line will go against you. That is why they are so tough to win and why their payouts are so big.