NFL Betting - How To Bet NFL Teasers

If you want a fun way, not to mention profitable, to bet on the NFL. This even more so if you tend to lose bets by only a point. A teaser bet is very similar to a parlay bet because you will pick 2 or more teams against the spread. The main difference between a teaser and a parlay is that a teaser bet lets you move the point spread. The amount of points that you can move the spread will determine on the teaser bet you make. Like a parlay bet, if only 1 game you pick does not cover the spread you will not win the bet.

Usually, a teaser bet with a couple of teams with a 6-point spread with odds of -110. This is the most common example, but the odds will be different depending on which book you lay wagers with. Another example of a typical spread and the result of the bet after a teaser of 6 points.

Dallas Cowboys +6
Philadelphia Eagles -6

New York Giants +10
New England Patriots -10

Using this example you want to bet on the Eagles and Patriots. You will take off 6 points for both games, which will end up being a pick-em game for the Cowboys vs. Eagles and -4 for the Giants vs. Patriots game. In this example the Eagles and Patriots are the favorites, but you do not have to pick them. With a 6-point tease you could make the Cowboys a +12, the Giants a +16, or the Patriots a -4, as it is all up to you in what teaser you want to pick. This is simply an example of the favorites as the teasers, as that is the type of teaser bet that is used the most.

There are times when the teaser bet is good because it gives you an advantage on key numbers. Basically, key numbers are the margins that are, many times, the spread of the final score of the game. For instance, you can use a 6-point teaser for a team that is an underdog by 3.5 and up that to +9.5 and you would win on the key numbers of 4,5,6,7, and 8. On the flip side of the coin, you can make a teaser down from a favorite of 9.5 points to -3.5. It is also a good idea sometimes to use a teaser to bring a spread up from +1.5 to +7.5. Then you will win on the key numbers of 4,4,6, and 7.

Also, you have the opportunity to involve totals as a part of your teaser bet. This is smart, because totals are easier to bet than point spreads.

Below is an example of a teaser odds payout chart:

TEAMS 6 Points 6.5 Points 7 Points
2 10/11 10/12 10/13
3 9/5 8/5 7/5
4 3/1 5/2 2/1
5 9/2 4/1 7/2
6 6/1 11/2 5/1
7 10/1 9/1 8/1
8 15/1 12/1 10/1
9 20/1 15/1 12/1
10 25/1 20/1 15/1