Football Betting - How To Bet NFL And College Totals

The totals bet is one that is very popular and the totals bet is also called the Over/Under bet, as you will be betting on the over or under the posted total for the game. A lot of football bettors will only bet on the totals on games, as they think it is easier than betting the point spread and picking the winner of a game with points involved.

The football totals bet is one that is simple to understand. The totals bet is a bet that is available when there is a posted total for a game. You will then bet on the total taking the over or under on what you think the total of points scored between both teams will be. To get the total for the game you simply add the scores of both teams and see if it is under or over the posted total of the game.

Here is an example of a totals bet. The Washington Redskins are facing the Dallas Cowboys and the posted total for the game is 46.5. If you want to bet the Over for this game you will win the bet if the point total of the game for both teams combined is over 46. If the Redskins beat the Cowboys 30-23 and you bet the Over for the game you will win this bet, as 30 + 23 = 53, which is over 46 the posted total of the game. If you bet the Under in this game your bet is a losing one. It's that easy. If the final score of the game is 26-20 it hits the posted total on the nose and you will get your original bet back. Because of this most totals will have a .5, so there is no chance of this happening. So a typical posted total would be 45.5 or around that number, as obviously .5 can't happen so there is only a winner or loser not any ties.

Typically for NFL games the posted total will fall between 32 and 52 points and for NCAA football it can get up to the 70 point total range, considering there are more blowouts college.

Totals bets are offered for most sports, but football and basketball are the sports that get the most action for totals bets.

Totals bets are a way to bet on sports where you do not have to pick the winner of the game. This can offer you good value when betting, especially if you do not handicap the game. Much like other bets when you make a totals bet one thing you should check on is the weather, besides other things such as injuries and trends, as the Under is always a good pick when there is rain or adverse weather conditions.